Friday, February 29, 2008

A Thursday Night for Pappettan

We conferred about a plan of action for Pappettan, in connection with bidding adieu (although he objected the terming, we have nothing else to bridge it!) yesterday, at the nth venue of Ruchi Restaurant, in Abu Dhabi.

1. The initial phase starts with a Second Honeymoon for 6 months, as he couldn't enjoy the first one due to various factors known to all (restricts me to put it in black and white by order of the members present!) The venue has been roughly revealed as 'India Unknown' and he would be back after 6 months to have a review. (Thanks to his children over here (who are made sure, will not be interrupting the couple with financial/ domestic trifles!) All are well offfffff.


The unbounded pelvic gyrations of Aslam, the compere, after an 8 peg consumption, needs further dissection and investigation, as a few say that he should be restricted to a 3 peg compering which would certanily bring his graph up.(Aslam's grown out of barrels now! He is not the one we met 3 decades ago. A handsome Yogi look, clad in saffron, literally (literarily too!) high profile, well versed in friendship-philosophy ... and what not..)

The month-long celebrations had been inaugurated by Mr C. K Nambiar, 3 weeks ago.

'Ruchi' has been booked for a month.

All oldies like us find the venue apt as ISC takes another 2 months to fall in shape.

The absence of Mani, Venu, Vijayan, Moidu, Mohan, Varunan and all crippled our enjoyment, but we stood up in 2 minutes silence at the outset.

The meeting faded thin in candle lite as people flitted for whoever wanted to say 'bye and goodnite' are stuck back again under compulsion. It was 0200 hrs. None noticed who all went early, as all were moon-eyed.

The last scene of Vasantha waiting for Ramesh to start eating also fades......

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